Besco’s mission and vision: striving for optimal software in sterile processing departments

Besco’s mission

We strive to be the market benchmark for software as a service in sterile processing departments. In close cooperation with our customers, we use our personal and innovative approach to tackle the medical sector’s specific challenges.

Our customers depend upon the experience and knowledge of the Senior Consultant who leads their project. After a thorough situational analysis, including identifying any potential problems, our Senior Consultant uses his extensive knowledge of technical solutions, implementation and follow-up. Our objective for every project? A realistic, future-oriented solution with measureable results.

Besco’s vision

Besco partners with hospitals, healthcare facilities and insurers. We want to help hospitals to run their OR’s and sterile processing departments in a transparent and easy way. Our SteMaTo software guides sterile processing departments to track their instruments and manage their sterilisation process. Hospital administrators can use our instrument tracking tool to check the status and location of instruments at any time. That’s how they make sure that their patients are in good hands.

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