Nutrace, Belintra Market RFID-based Surgical-Tool Tracking Solution in the U.S.

The Nutrace system, already used by hospitals in Europe, includes Belintra's passive HF RFID tags, Panmobil's handheld RFID readers and its own SteMaTo software for managing data.

Nutrace, a health-care efficiency solutions company in partnership with the Belgian firm Besco, has opened an office in Winston-Salem, N.C., to access the U.S. market for its hybrid RFID and bar-code solutions to track surgical tools through the cleaning, sterilization and kit-packing processes. The system is designed to help hospitals efficiently monitor which processes each tray of tools undergoes before reaching an OR and a patient.

Several of Besco's customers in Europe have been employing the hybrid system for at least the past three years, in order to identify trays and create a digital record of when those trays were loaded with surgical instruments, as well as the patient on which they were used and when they were cleaned and sterilized. The system consists of Belintra passive high-frequency (HF) 13.56 MHZ RFID tags attached to trays, Panmobil handheld RFID readers to interrogate those tag IDs, and Nutrace's Stemato software to manage the collected data. Users can also purchase instrument trays that come with integrated Steri-ID tags.

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