Why the Sterile Processing Department (SPD) is crucial for every hospital

Each hospital works with thousands of different "sets" of medical instruments. After each use, these must of course be cleaned, disinfected and sterilized. A logistics challenge where every error has consequences, especially in corona times. With SteMaTo, the track & trace solution from Besco, you invest in the safety of the patient and in the meantime reduce your costs.

One of the major concerns in any hospital is the fight against infections. And with good reasons: a hospital is simply a place with a higher risk of microbes, viruses and bacteria.20131012 152815

As a hospital patient, you’ll undergo blood tests, injections, transfusions, surgical procedures and so on. Each of those actions carries a risk of transmitting germs and viruses. The importance of a Central Sterile Services Department (CSSD) is therefore crucial. Especially in corona times.

What’s the purpose of a CSSD?
A medium-sized hospital processes about 200 to 250 "sets" of medical instruments each day. After using medical instruments, such as scalpels or scissors, they must be cleaned, disinfected and sterilized. This prevents the next patient on which the equipment is used from becoming infected with bacteria from the previous surgery or procedure. As well as many other materials within a hospital environment must also remain sterile.

Most hospitals have a Sterile Processing Department or SPD for sterilizing all that equipment. However, they are faced with many challenges: more procedures, increasingly complex medical instruments and a growing need to structurally trace each component. SteMaTo, the first comprehensive management software for SPD’s, is the perfect solution.

Only advantages with SteMaTo
This tracking & management software for medical instruments is the result of the many years of expertise that Besco has built up in the world of SPD’s. We make sure that you invest in patient safety while saving costs. By the way, did you know that AZ Vesalius, Jessa, GZA and the Queen Astrid Military Hospital already make use of SteMaTo? In addition, we are active in Canada, Romania, Israel, Portugal and the UAE.

SteMaTo is fast, accurate and user friendly. You can compare it with arriving and departing at an airport: SteMaTo gives you an up-to-date overview of where each instrument comes and goes at any time. Even during an operation you have an accurate overview.

SteMaTo also uses the fastest scanner in the world and works with all types of material and codes. Scan and register 40 medical instruments in just 2.5 minutes. Find out for yourself in this video.

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