Hospitals in Monterrey choose Limburg software

Besco plants flag in Mexico

38 years ago, Belgians such as Ceulemans, Scifo and Pfaff made good weather in Mexico. Today Besco is also planting a Belgian flag there. “2 hospitals in Monterrey now use our SteMaTo software,” says CEO Bert Lantin, “We increase efficiency by +22% in the operating theater and the sterilization department. More hospitals should follow later in Mexico.”

Besco has been a pioneer in innovative medical software for more than 20 years. From hospitals, health insurance companies to insurance companies at home and abroad: they are all knocking on the door of this family business. “The Mexican group TecSalud, number 4 among Mexican hospitals, includes 3 private hospitals and a university. The Zambrano and San José hospitals in Monterrey are the first to be rolled out. We have also already received requests from other Mexican hospital groups. Hopefully this is a stepping stone to more,” says CEO Bert Lantin.

Reaching 32 million Mexicans
In addition to public hospitals, there is a strong growth of private hospitals in Mexico. According to figures from FIT, 32 million Mexicans use it. “Private players such as TecSalud often have larger budgets to purchase advanced medical technology. A very interesting market,” explains Jos Bessemans, founder of Besco. “The first contacts date back to 2019 when director Marie-Rose Tabruyn and I visited various hospitals in Mexico. Everything accelerated in the last year. We built a test installation on site and - together with our local distributor SBE - trained a team of 8 employees.”

Efficiency increases by 22%
SteMaTo is a software package that helps hospitals work more efficiently, and more specifically the operating room and the sterilization department. It guarantees complete track & trace of operating instruments and automatically establishes the link to the operating room planning system. “This reduces human error, reduces costs and increases efficiency by +22%. In the first months of 2024 we already started new projects in Canada, South Africa and the Balkan countries, now we are adding Mexico to the list. We have the ambition to introduce SteMaTo in many other countries,” Bert and Jos conclude.

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