SteMaTo®Sterilization Management Tool: Software as a Service

Treating a large number of sets promptly and correctly requires the support of a comprehensive process-controlling software that manages all SPD processes.

With this in mind, Besco has developed and integrated a specific and very complete management system. The SteMaTo (Sterilization Management Tool) tracks, plans and reviews the history of all sets and instruments in all departments in a matter of seconds.

How can the SteMaTo Sterilization Management Tool help your healthcare facility?

  • Planning
    SteMaTo links with the majority of OR programs for a more efficient working environment.

  • Budget
    Understanding your actual requirements for instruments will improve your purchasing policy, optimizing your usage of current equipment.

  • System compatibility
    The SteMaTo system connects to your current systems for additional efficiency.

  • Loan instruments
    The challenge of managing loan equipment is simplified with SteMaTo.

  • Instruments
    All surgical instruments can be easily marked to facilitate tracking and traceability.

  • Management
    The SteMaTo system includes a range of reporting and analytical tools to help you control your budget and ensure transparent cost structures.

  • Repair
    When required, repair and maintenance procedures are automatically generated for the responsible Equipment Manager, reducing downtime of sets.

  • Endoscopy
    The endoscopy module is fully integrated in SteMaTo to ensure high quality standards.

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